Ensure that you’re ready to get started.

You will need to upload legible .jpg, .png, or .pdf (maximum size per image 5.0 MB) copys of your detailed sales receipt(s) and the product UPC code from the product packaging.

The sales receipt(s) image(s) must include the: Retailer Name, Purchase Date, Product Model Number(s), Purchase Price.

The UPC image must include the: UPC Number, Product Model Number(s), and Product Serial Number(s).

Sample UPC:

Your appliance(s) serial number(s) is required in order to receive your rebate. You will find the serial number on the appliance you’ve purchased. If you have not received your appliance(s) yet, please wait until it is received to submit for your rebate.

Select Retailer

Please select the retailer printed on your receipt (not the rebate form) from where you made your appliance purchase.

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